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30 Before 30.

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So there’s always been a bucket list in my head. It runs the gambit of traveling to every continent, to moving to LA, and it will be a lifetime’s full of masterful work.

But here’s the deal.

This is the end of my twenties. 21,22,23,24,25,25,27,28,29…

IMG_4552.JPEG copy.jpg

So now there’s a new list.

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon.

  2. Have a college reunion.

  3. Visit a museum.

  4. Take a roadtrip

  5. Go to a festival

  6. Get a tattoo.

  7. Go to a gig.

  8. Go for afternoon tea.

  9. Visit a spa.

  10. Get a piercing.

  11. Tour my own city.

  12. Go rock climbing.

  13. Join a book club.

  14. Raise money for a charity.

  15. Skydive.

  16. Take dance lessons.

  17. Learn public speaking.

  18. Start a blog.

  19. Write a book.

  20. Learn to get organized.

  21. Take an art class.

  22. Take a yoga class.

  23. Take a business course.

  24. Learn meditation.

  25. Launch a side hustle.

  26. Go on a blind date.

  27. Try a new fitness class.

  28. Be my own boss.

  29. Host a dinner party.

  30. Follow a passion.

I am going to need help.

I’ve tried to keep this as cheap as possible, but I only have ten and a half months in which to do all thirty of these things. If you’d like to help me start crossing things off, please shoot me an email, comment, text me, DM me. I’ll elaborate more on all of this in another post.


This is my 30 before 30 bucket list.