the caged bird sings.

written, designed, and edited by Bee Butler

Be That Person.

Bee ButlerComment

How blessed I am to have this body with which to pick fights,

to stare at in the mirror, criticizing, as it fluctuates, ebbs, and flows.


How unfairly lucky I am to grow another year older,

cursing the number as though it bears any real meaning.


How unbelievably gracious my God is, to give me yet another day,

a day that I will inevitably waste being petulant and disrespectful,

filling every precious second with ingratiated, foul-languaged speech,

when I could just silently be appreciating the fact that I am here.


I have a body, and it works.

I am another year older, and still free.

I have another sunrise and sunset to experience,

and I can fill those 24 hours in whatever way I please.


Why should I be so lucky, privileged, and rude as to spoil it with anything but laughter, appreciation, grace and gratitude? And if I do not, why on earth should I be given the same gift tomorrow?



There is so much more I could be doing with who I am and what I have. This beautiful clip was a stark reminder of that.