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On credit where credit is seriously due.

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When you encounter a person who does something extraordinary, someone who goes above and beyond, not just excelling in their work, but as a human being in a world that is often cold and unfeeling, it is my personal opinion that you should recognize them for it. In this case, leaving feedback with an employer didn't feel like enough, so here you go.

If you ever want to know what bank to work with and live in the North County San Diego area, go to the Chase Private Client banking branch in Carlsbad. James Vasquez will be your hero and your savior if anything goes wrong, and if all goes right, just a nice and helpful advocate should you ever need anything.

I’ve been through an extraordinary amount of crap lately involving my bank and the theft of my identity, eventually equaling over $1,000. I had to get a police report, present paperwork, continually come in to the branch, and make an absurd amount of calls to get my refund, as the money was provisionally credited, taken out due to an error in processing, and then re-credited. It would have been a nightmare.

It wasn’t, though. The entire time I had a branch employee on my side as an advocate, a constant update source, and a never-ending driving force behind getting that cash back into my hand. James Vasquez, my personal banker out of the Chase Private Client Bank in La Costa Town Square (3440 Via Mercato, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92009), contacted me diligently, kept me in the loop, left positive and encouraging voicemails about my case (and yes, he always asked if he could call me back or leave voicemails, it was never a problem or an annoyance to receive a call from him) and made sure I had the money by 9AM today, after several weeks of work. I truly feel like I was able to keep my cool about this and avoid a lot of headache and worry because he was the one handling all of the backend work on my claim.

Yesterday, August 19th, 2016, James and I talked 5 times. Ordinarily, that would be way too much, but we did so because there were some frustrating things going on, and every step of the way, he was letting me know what was happening and how he was working to resolve it. He initially left a voicemail during the day to inform me that the claim had officially been resubmitted, and to assure me that he had my back and was doing everything he could to get things finished up, because he knew I needed my money. That voicemail almost made me cry, because I had been concerned about getting the funds, but I didn’t want to seem like a pain in the butt or bother anyone about it, and hearing him detail the process and go out of his way to let me know that he was advocating for me and didn’t mind doing so was exactly what I needed to hear. When the fraud team deposited my money in the wrong account, I called back to let him know, and he IMMEDIATELY got on it. He detailed what was going to happen and let me know that it would show up as a transaction, so I never freaked out about the weird things going on in my account as I tracked the funds on my mobile app. When there was an error in the server and the money didn’t deposit correctly between the accounts, James called to let me know, apologized profusely even though it wasn’t his fault, and assured me that the cash would be in my account and ready to use by 9AM today, August 20th, and that if I had any questions, I could call him. The money was deposited right when he said it would be, and he called to confirm that it had gone through. I cannot tell you how happy I am right now.

This case was transferred to James when my previous contact at the bank was busy. He had this mess thrown in his lap at random, and despite a number of hurdles, mistakes, and frustrations, he has been nothing but kind, cheerful, apologetic, and helpful. He is legitimately the best banker I have worked with, ever, and has gone above and beyond in every single aspect of this case. The best part of all of this is that he never once asked me to give him a positive review; I had to ask him if there was a way for me to do so yesterday, because I WANTED to let Chase know that they had an employee who deserved recognition. If this guy is the person representing Chase, the bank looks good, as an institution, and as a private branch. If James Vasquez is the type of employee you’ll encounter as a customer at Chase, you will never want to put your money elsewhere. Please do something to make sure he never has a desire to leave his job with you, because losing James to any other company would be a major loss for you, and a major win for them.

Thanks again to James for getting this all done, should he ever be given the chance to read this. I could not be more grateful.
— My customer feedback on the site, left this morning

I wish I could let you hear his voicemails, because they are seriously the kicker in this whole thing, but California privacy laws dictate two-party consent in recorded conversations, and I'm not gonna try to straddle the line there. Just know that it was the kind of voicemail that you've always hoped to get when you were down, worried, stressed, or sad.

If you've got someone in your employ, work life, school life, or personal life who's kicking some major ass, please go thank them today. You don't know how much they may need it, or who might be listening.

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