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I'm a Millenial, and you're welcome.

Bee ButlerComment

I've seen a lot of people my age posting that "I'm a Millennial, and I know we suck, I'm sorry" article that went viral, and I would like to say the following in response:

I'm a millennial, and I know we're incredible, and you're welcome. You older folks crashed our housing market, destroyed our economy, started wars and bankrupted us for trying to go to college, and we still set up your wifi routers and iPhones for you all the time. We keep making incredible art, music, and technological advances, despite the fact that you bitch endlessly about how hard they are to use.

We grew up in an era where change and progress was so constant that in the span of ten years, we went from computers at the public library to laptops in our bedrooms, and we adapted, fast as lightning, and then we explained it to you when you couldn't figure it out. You royally screwed the world that we have to live in when you're gone, but we still keep inventing new ways to reduce and undo the ecological damage you've caused. We also pay into the Social Security you either are or will be collecting, even though, at the current rate, it will be all gone by the time it's our turn to get paid. We take on crippling amounts of debt just to get degrees, and we refrain from knocking you upside the head when you start ranting about how "kids these days don't know the value of a dollar", as if you hadn't TOTALLY DESTROYED THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR WITH YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING.

And yes, we vlog and tweet and message and DM and snapchat and vine and instagram and blog all of the things happening in our lives, because we have a way to document our progress, our struggles, our history as it's happening, and don't you wish you could've done that without running out of space on your VHS? You've got boxes in the garage with newspapers from the moon landing and the JFK assassination, and we've got Huffington Post articles bookmarked and tweets cached from when a black man was elected President and when Prince died. While there's plenty of awesome gadgetry and innovations coming out every day, there's nothing new under the sun, so shitting on us for using what's been made available in our lifetime as though you didn't do the same is not only ridiculous, it's a form of ageism-in-reverse.

You got to be proud of what you achieved and where you went and how you evolved. Guess what? So do we. So for the millionth time, be grateful, and you're welcome, because you can Skype your grandkids tonight before they go to sleep.

With love,
A Millennial, and DAMN PROUD of it.