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On guns.

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I'm done pretending like I even need to say sorry for bombarding everyone who follows me with things like this, because I watched this video today and then went and followed up on every single statistic, and they are all 100% true.

There is nothing to argue. There is no excuse that can be made and no amount of griping about your right to bear arms that will change the facts in this short clip. We have almost no gun control, we have more suicide, homicide, mass shootings, and gun deaths than any other developed country IN THE WORLD, even when adjusted for population, and all the evidence shows that more guns equals more deaths.

So, in summation, your refusal to lay down your guns is tantamount to your belief that a constitutional amendment that no longer applies as it pertains to its original intent is more important to you than human life.

This has to stop. The sit-in in the House of Representatives is barely a start, and that bill merely wedges the door open. We need to walk through it by banning assault rifles entirely and limiting magazine capacity, as well as requiring background checks, mental health examinations, longer waiting periods, ammunition purchase limits, and, yes, closing the gap on the terrorist watch list and gun shows. You right to holster a pistol does not trump my right to live. Full stop. The end.