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Housewife part deux.

Bee ButlerComment

(Listening to Dooce's glorious podcast has been the highlight of my day, so much so that I went and looked up other podcasts she's been featured on and listened to them.)

Today has been more house stuff. I had a longer-than-usual work schedule over the weekend, so I didn't tackle any other projects, but today I finally gave up and dumped out the "clean unsorted clothes" laundry basket and hung up/folded/sorted/matched everything in it. Boyfriend's socks will be the death of me. He has a million weird pairs that always end up in the washer and dryer at different times. Ugh.

Then I vacuumed our room, because dear GOD it was needed, Febreezed everything (in lieu of an air freshener, because Roxy would eat it), unpacked a bag left over from our weekend trip to Big Bear, did a load of laundry, put a second comforter on the bed (the fight for the covers over here is major, so we make it work by splitting the covers evenly. One comforter per person, plus a little bit of hogging by the dog), took out the trash, organized the crap on the bedside table, and made a few alterations to the layout of the room, because we need a little more space.

None of this matters and anyone who came by probably wouldn't notice that it happened, but I know boyfriend will be able to tell and he'll sleep/breathe better with the decrease in clutter. I'll sleep better, too, and probably won't be so restless since everything is done and sorted.

Roxy is mad because no one has taken her for a walk, but it's hot, the creepy neighbor is skateboarding outside, and it's boyfriend's job, anyway, because he takes her on longer walks and nobody whistles at him, so he doesn't ever cut things short to run inside in shame at being objectified. 

I have so much homework to do and zero motivation to do it.

The room is clean, the dishes are done, clothes are washed and dried, fridge is full, trash is emptied. There is nothing else to take away my attention, so it's time to work on school.

Wish me luck.