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On What We Have Become.

Bee ButlerComment

I can't go to sleep so I need to say this.

To my LGBTQIA friends: I am so, so sorry. We failed you tonight. The privilege afforded to us by our sexuality may well cost you everything. Please know that while I am just an ally, and I don't know what to do, I will go places with you. I will stand up for you and demand that you be treated with respect. I will boycott businesses who refuse to serve you, and I will do anything else within my power that you ask of me.

To my black friends... I am so, so sorry. I am angry. I am scared. I have spent a lifetime shielded by my race, and while tonight scares me, I have no idea what you are going through. I will go with you to places where you do not feel safe. I will boycott those who persecute you. I will rally, I will fight, and I will never see or treat you as anything but an equal. Please know that I am more than willing to do whatever is needed of me; since I am still learning, I might make mistakes, but I ask you to correct me, and if you need something, please, just ask.

To my Muslim friends... I am sorry in a way I cannot express in words. To think that a country founded on religious freedom now wants to deport you based on that very notion shakes me to my core. YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS. In every way that I can, I will fight this. I will boycott, I will march, I will rally. I will go with you when you do not feel safe. I respect you and your religion, and it is not for this country to say whom you can or cannot worship. I know you aren't a terrorist. I love you. Please, let me know what I can do.

To my Christian friends: reflect on your vote today and to whom you gave power. Also remember the words of our sweet Savior, who called us to act in love and to give and serve those who are suffering. I believe that some of us have directly caused that suffering, and it is time that we of the church address and rectify our failings.

To my democratic and independent friends: we got complacent. We were lazy. We protested with our votes and all hold some responsibility for the fear and pain and suffering that our brothers and sisters are feeling. There is so much healing that needs to occur. Let it begin with you. I will begin it with me.

To anyone with information on safe spaces, hotlines, free therapy, and discrimination lawyers, PLEASE contact me so that I can share that information.

Please, do not end your life tonight. I know that fear has crippled us as a nation and brought us to this point, but you deserve to live, and if you cannot find the strength to fight, I will do it for you with everything I have. I love you. I am so, so sorry.

Feel free to bombard my comments section with your words; your fears, your thoughts, your anger, and your needs. You can email me, too. Let it out, and I will listen. I promise.