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Today on my facebook

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Here at TCBS, I try to post everything I write, but limit myself to the longer diatribes, because I hate it when bloggers only give you snippets. With that in mind, I'm starting a new segment called, "Today On My Facebook", where I'll give you my shorter rants in a buffet-style click list.

I have been particularly salty since the election, so hold on to your butts and precious sensibilities.
(Links to all stories can be found by clicking on the photo)

On Trump's flip-flopping:

On my past life according to clickbait:

On standing with Standing Rock:

On policing black people's actions because you think their lives don't matter: 

On my utilization of Tumblr:

On the bullshit attempts to rebrand the Third Reich, which I will not stand for:

On the history of your beloved deities: 

On something you should really be binge-watching:

On giving advice (to my younger self):

On my hero:

On my favorite SNL character's take on the election (and someone you should be following):

On not throwing away your shot (at taking Mike Pence to task for his irresponsible politics):

On having zero excuses:

On my life right now:

And finally, on something you should take advantage of:

Ordinarily, this fun little mish-mash/grab bag/amuse bouche will occur on Fridays and will encompass my favorite little diatribes of the week, but it's officially the weekend for most people thanks to the celebration of selfish, smallpox-sharing pilgrims, so here's to you and yours; may your family bicker more over the Cowboys game than the current political climate.


Happy holidays (because All Holidays Matter, HA!),