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Sephora's End-Of-the-Year Sale haul!

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If you know me at all, you know I"m pretty cheap when I comes to makeup. I'm madly in love with brands like e.l.f., Loreal, and when I splurge a little, sales items from Origins (it will leave your face smelling fresh and minty, whether you're using the skin care line, the foundation, the powder, and their A+ medicated shine lip tubes. I can drop a pretty penny at CVS or Walmart or Target, and usually I'm proud of it, but after getting this new job, I realized that my face was gonna be all over the city and I desperately wanted to impress my boss/coworkers, and above all, myself. 

So, today I finally caved and went shopping online for good deals at I can't recommend that site enough1

[Disclaimer: Right before Christmas, I bought the Smashbox Photo-finish primer, the trial size of the CC flawless color cream (which came with a mini primer and hydrating face spray that also acts as a setting powder. I was fortunate enough to find the "Bare Minerals Must-Have set, which included the mineral powder, a loose pigment blush, a lose pigment shimmer cream-color shadow and a nice face-correcting primer moisturizer, It was all small/travel sizes, but you get a lot of product for so cheap.]

My awesome bf's sister got me a nice brush set for Christmas, as well as a lower-grade contour kit. It works really well for the price.


Today, I went nuts.

I finally caved on this baby, because not only does it boast 9 eyeshadow, it also has prow pigment in packed powder form. It triples by having a four-shade contour kit, and for the price I paied, I saved several hundred dollars. Be on the lookout for a tutorial based on this kit.

Guys, I fought this as long as I could against this, but as most artists will tell you, it helps even out coverage, add moisture (run a little water on it first!) perfect color every time.

I've always been a lazy chick when it comes to cleaning my brushes, but I have to be honesty... I'm concerned about the icky buildup that accumulates after just one use, and I'm sick of having to repurchase brushes because I suck at maintaining the routine. 

Another big motivator to grab the brush cleaner... high quality face brushes! I can't wait to see what a big difference this makes on my day-to-day beauty routine!

This is my FAVORITE BROW KIT. You can't beat Benefit when it comes like this. I've already gone through one of those, so this is now a repeat purchase. Easily portable and comes in a variety of colors to fit your face!

I splurged pretty big here, but I've always wanted to try the Benefit roller lash, and since it bundled with two other awesome things, I just went for it.

I splurged pretty big here, but I've always wanted to try the Benefit roller lash, and since it bundled with two other awesome things, I just went for it.

As you can see, I went ahead and hooked myself up with a brown eyebrow shaping wand that doubles as a comb AND a slight pigment enhancer. The Roller Lash looks great, but I'm the most stoked about the gorgeous High Brow stick, which cuts down on the time it takes to ad a little highlight to the little areas on my face that need a touch up!

Huge sucker for Stila gel gloss. It comes in 12 shades, so there's no harm in grabbing more than one, or even making a return if the shade doesn't match. I may go back for the red one, soon!

The final crazy purchase was this beautiful all-in-one pigment set from Stila. It includes the perfectly posey-shaded all over cream highlight shimmer. It also has a gorgeous lip glaze in Kaleidoscope. The perfect pigment pot in this set is Convertible Color lip and cheek cream in Hibiscus, and the whole thing rounds off with a subtle but elegant deep brown liner pencil.

You guys, Once this stuff gets here, you'll be seeing my face quite a bit more on this space, but I think it'll be worth it!

What are your must-have beauty faces?